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Early Customer Experience

Customers have been sampling good and bad customer experiences since cavemen began bartering. More recently the discipline of Customer Experience (CX) has developed bringing with it NPS, journey maps, CX Forums, customer centric culture ... but has all this theory really improved anything for the customer?

I believe the key to delivering an excellent customer experience is being able to put passion into practice. Having the perfect journey plan won't deliver an excellent CX if those dealing with the customers don't have a passion for their customers. Equally enthusiastic people without a practical process focussed on delivering what the customer wants may well make the customer feel good but the customer won't ultimatey receive what they need.

Over time I aim to flesh out both elements of putting passion into practice and bring them together to help others deliver a truly excellent customer experience. Please pop back soon...

Vicky Brookes
Passionate, practical CX Advocate

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